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Jouper is a family name that comes from a small farm in Österbotten, the Swedish speaking parts of western Finland. Some ancestors were blacksmiths and Walloons, immigrated craftsmen that were widely admired for their professional skills, and the southern sounding name became their family name late 19th century.

50 years later, during the Interwar period, grandfather and great-grandfather Jouper bought a watermill and produced iron files and rasps. The small workshop gradually developed into an industrial company.

On the Swedish side of the Bothnian Sea, where Helene Jouper’s father and mother met, grandmother Svea ran a well-assorted family-owned bookstore.

“The love of paper and stories was in the family. As a child I spent hours and hours writing fairy tales. I stitched the pages together using my mother’s sewing machine. With becoming a bookbinder in 2006 I had the opportunity to study what makes a book a really good book.

Quality is the combination of beauty, functionality, precision and attention to detail. These are my words of honour”.

- Helene Jouper, Creator and founder

Base and manufacturing

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have been working with manufacturers in Lithuania and Latvia for many years and are proud of the high-end books and boxes we make with them. For the JOUPER Notebooks we required different materials and techniques. Our path led us back to the Walloon craftsman roots and JOUPER Notebooks are made in Benelux. 

SERILDA – Our unique paper for the optimal writing experience

We put a lot of effort into finding the optimal paper for our notebooks. In order to be able to offer the best paper for writing and drawing by hand with pencil, fountain pen, felt pen and the like, we finally decided to simply make our own.

We found the paper mill in the countryside. It was founded over 180 years ago and is beautifully located by a running stream. The craftsmanship from the days when letters were written by hand and births were recorded with feather quills in large ledgers is palpable. The recipe for our paper is unique and we can produce the same high-quality product over and over again, keeping the paper’s color, texture, opacity and gram weight consistent every time.

We named the paper Serilda and she represents the fierce quality that we will always strive for.

HELENE JOUPER - Creator and founder

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Helene Jouper is a trained bookbinder and has a background as a prototype maker, bookbinding designer, manufacturer and trader. She runs Jouper Design Stockholm and is the creator of JOUPER Notebooks. 




THE NETWORK - Partners



Ulrika Majstrovic Hansén is an awesome art director, designer, and interior & lifestyle photographer. Her rich career includes an extensive hands-on experience from magazine and book production. Ulrika Majstrovic Hansén is the creator of our visual identity as well as the graphic design of our first collection Tweed & Brush.







Sofia Ståhl is our creative Social Media Manager. She develops content and is responsible for the communication in our social media channels.